Tips for buying land

Here we tried to write down several points 
you have to pay attention to, if you are planning to buy land.
(if you have questions contact us)

Looking for the right plot
  • View the plot you want to buy personally
  • Check the existing landmarks
  • Is there a power supply?
  • Is there a water connection or do you have to drill for water?
  • Is it possible to build a house?

Finding the Nominee

If you choose a Nominee be sure that you know the person very well and be sure that you can trust him/her!

Select a notary

Choose a notary who has enough experience with real estate sales, so that the processing is fast and accurate.
If you think bureaucracy in Europe is exaggerated you can not imagine how it is in indonesia.

Creating pre-contract (with notary!)
  • Specify payment dates
  • Perform ALL rights and obligations (Buyer, Seller)
  • Confirm the agreed price
  • Who pays what costs?
  • Set Landmarks if necessary
  • Ensure that the certificates for the land are clear (stamped by BPN)
  • Regulate for each point individually what occurs when it is not fulfilled
  • Check all Points of the agreement on site - or let it check before you make the first payment (Deposit money)

After fulfilling the pre-contract you can arrange the real contract of sale with the Seller. (Akta Jual beli)

Creating new certificates

New certifcates are issued by the land department. It will make the process faster if you
can give them a map of the location. (Denah Lokasi)

Expected Costs

Basically, you should share the costs. (Buyer/Seller)
To be on the safe side count round about 10% in addition to the purchase price.